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I Don’t Wanna Increase!

June 9, 2010

I’m sad to say that I may have to increase my Cymbalta.

Sad, but true.

I’ve been struggling for awhile now.

I’m over it. 

I told hubby today via text, Uh….about that mom thing….I don’t like it anymore.

Supposedly he didn’t get that text until one later that was much happier and a different subject matter.


I don’t know if hubby doesn’t get what I’m trying to say to him or if he just doesn’t wanna hear it or deal with it.

Either way, he’s not gellin with me on this…


I hate to increase the med.  I hate to.  And I tell other women all the time that they should never feel like less of a person because they are taking a medication to help with depression!!!  Yet here I sit, judging myself about a simple increase.


The kids are a handful, and it isn’t even through the first week of son’s Summer vacation.  Son is always moody, but without getting a break from him (called school), we clash more.  Daughter is fighting naps like nothing else.  She literally slapped my face today.  Who does she think she is?!?

I’m so over it. So, so over it.

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