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Self Care Challenge

October 6, 2010

Like every other cool person on the planet, I read Postpartum Progress religiously.  It was the first blog I had ever found that I could relate to when it came to my PPD life, at the time. 

Anyway….. they are starting a Self-Care Challenge, where the idea is to take some time for yourself every day.  Taking care of yourself is a GOOD thing, ya know.

You can see more about the challenge at Living The Self Care Challenge.

On a side note, I have consistently been on a slightly higher dose of one of the two antidepressants I take daily, for about a week now and I feel fantastic.  It also just so happens that I have been able to walk more on my post-surgical right foot again for about a week now.  So, it could be one or the other (or both!!) that can be accounted for the improvement in mood, but regardless of the ‘why’, I am taking it with wide open arms.

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