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Can You Get Me a 5 hr Appt, Rather Than 1?

November 15, 2010

I had an appt with a new psych APRN today.

It doesn’t mean I’m not doing okay, because I mostly am.  I just figure that I really should establish a relationship with someone before I hit a road bump and feel desperate for help.  Crazy, I know.

She is a tree-hugger.  Which is totally fine.  She just is.  And I’m not. 

Before the blink of an eye, the hour appt was up and I was being ushered out.  Despite my attempts at talking super speedy and fitting everything in all at once, I will have to see her again.  We really only covered the “up til now” stuff.  We need to discuss the “currently speaking” stuff and the “in the future maybe” stuff.

I have had a migraine for over 10 days straight now.  It is no fun at all.  Wednesday morning, my alarm went off at 7:21.  Time to get my boy up for school.  Before I got to my bedroom doorway, I knew it was trouble.  Major nausea. 

In short, I could not stop vomiting.  My head was pounding.  Disaster.  I called my mom.  She rushed over, of course.  She got my boy to school and kept my girl happy all the while.  I drove myself to an ER and got to feeling better later that day.  Not completely better, mind you, but better than not being able to care for myself or my kids.

My endometriosis is acting up a lot this week.  I know…what am I to expect, right?  I need to schedule the procedure.  Stat.  But I’m still scared.  And sick of my body failing me in so many ways.  I’m only 30!  I did have issues with turning 30, prior to it happening.  Looking back, I’m not even sure I thought it could be this bad on my body. 

My body needs glasses.  This rockin’ bod is 30 — not 80.

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