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A Day Late, But No Dollars Short

January 19, 2011

Well, I chickened out last night about taking the new med.  I couldn’t help it.  I snapped at the hubs while both kids were continually whining at me and I had to bathe youngest while she screamed her head off the entire time.  Literally.  No exaggeration.  It was not pleasant or fun.  I was drying her off and both kids were whining about one thing or another.  Hubs picked up the laptop to piss around (aka play online) while I continued to deal on my own.  No big deal except for the fact that hubs is in charge of bathtime with the kids.  Since my accident and back injury, I can’t bend over to do it.  Way too much pain.  But last night, princess was having none of the bath thing.  She was protesting hard core.  It was a disaster.  I finally took over.  I was being kind, I thought.  By the time I was drying her off, I’d been bent over killing my back and hearing nonstop screaming.  I could’ve used a little help, no?  He picked up the laptop, and I was like, “You don’t think now’s a bad time?”  He decided to point out times I was online when he was doing stuff.  But he never compares apples to apples.  So I win.  Every single time.  So he decided to pout on the couch like a baby, while watching me finish handling the whiney kids.  Thank, ass.

We’re good now.  But because of that drama, I wasn’t going to take the new med, start trippin’ out, and then have to ask hubs for any help.  I’m stubborn like that.  My bad.  Or not.

So I didn’t take it.

Today, I felt even worse.  I decided I needed to take it.  If for nothing else, but my kids and their mom.  So I took the Benadryl a half hour prior, just a instructed.  I left a msg on my mom’s voicemail since I couldn’t reach her, explaining my need for her help.  She came over.  I went to bed and she helped handle my life. 

Hubs got home and that’s when we worked it all out.  Meaning he apologized.  Bam. 

So, one day down.  Fingers crossed for fast results. 

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