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Trying. . . To. . . Stay. . . Awake. . .

January 20, 2011

I don’t know what my effing problem is lately.  Today is another one of those days; where I feel so exhausted that I might fall asleep while walking.  Or talking.  Or sitting.  Or anything!  WTF? 

I made an appt yesterday for princess’ 3 yr well child check with her pediatrician (who is dreamy, btw).  She turned 3 the first week of December.  I am behind.  But it could be worse, right?

So now, because I am so exhausted, and because I think that if I called my mom and asked, she’d probably come over again and let me go to bed for hours, I want to cancel the appt.  Cancel just hours after making it. 

You see, I was feeling quite good, energy-wise, when I made the appt yesterday.  Usually, they are 8 weeks out on making well child appts.  Yesterday was shocking, because she could schedule us for today.

I wish we scheduled for late afternoon.  They only had late morning, though.  And that will ruin my sleeping if I don’t cancel. 

Decisions, decisions.

Why am I so effing tired?  Like, literally not hearing my alarm clock in the morning to get prince off to school.  Like, yesterday, I didn’t get him there until 10:45.  *shock*  I sent him with a letter to the office, explaining that due to a disability, please excuse our tardiness.  We are doing our best to improve.  What else can I say?  Poor kid has a mental mom who can’t wake up?

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