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In Laws – Part 1

March 10, 2011

Before I start at the beginning of the In Law Saga, I need to vent about the current situation.  Before I explode.  My in-laws are nuts.  All of them.  You’ll think I’m exaggerating until I start sharing the Saga.  Then you’ll realize I’m being nice when I call them nuts.  So I named this Part 1, but really, when I get to starting at the beginning, this will be more like Part 8 or 10 or something.  Just bear with me.

Anyway, mother in law is getting married Saturday.  Her second marriage.  We’ve met him twice.  She upped and moved 4 or 5 hrs away to be with him.  We haven’t seen her in months.  Not even for a goodbye before she upped and left.  I feel no love from her.  Or any of them.  Certainly no unconditional love.  The hubs doesn’t have a relationship with one sister that will be there.  Hence, neither do I.  The reason behind that will be shared in detail, but suffice it to say that she insulted my child years ago.  Not to his face, but to hubs on the phone.  She hit below the belt.  And for that, she was removed from our life.  That was in 2007.

The hubs also has no relationship with his dad.  Reasoning for that will also be revealed in the Saga.

Two of the hubs’ three sisters have already fought leading up to the bridal shower.  To the point that one of the sisters refuses to attend the shower now. 

Mother in law registered for gifts at two different stores.  That is tacky to me.  She has plenty of things.  Too many things.  Clutter everywhere.  Then she’s marrying a dude with lots of things.  When you combine all the things, there is more than enough.  It is just tacky to register in this scenario.  And she did.  Proudly.  That is embarrassing.  And tacky.  Did I mention tacky?

The closer the weekend gets, the more migraines I get.  The more reluctant I get.  The more irritated I get, thinking about all of the negatives that have happened toward us up til now.  The less I want to go to any of it.

The bridal shower is Friday morning.  I will need to have my mom watch my kids.  My oldest is out of school for the day and my youngest is home, of course.  My sweet, sweet mom, who already spends most of her weekday time at my house, helping with any household duties I need help with because of my chronic pain issue.  She is more than helpful and has been since my car accident in 2009.  I hate asking her to do more than she already does.  It isn’t right.  I’ve created the centerpieces for the shower, which aren’t terribly glamorous or anything, but it’s my way of trying to put forth some effort.  I’m not a totally heartless b!tch.

The wedding lunch is Saturday at 11am.  No kids.  Another sitter, which leaves one of my siblings.  I don’t ask my brother to watch my kids because he has a lot going on.  I ask my sisters.  One sister would have to stay here for at least a night if she were to watch them.  She lives too far away.  The other sister is a member to a very strange religion and is not available much on Saturdays.

The wedding itself is at 3pm and we have to be there at 2:30 or earlier.  More babysitting needed.

Pictures after wedding of the 35 people attending the ceremony.

After all of this, our new siblings, aka the new husband’s kids, are having a pizza party for all the grandkids.  It’ll probably be 5pm or so.  My two kids will be the only kids on our side of the family, if they attend.  They will feel like they are being forced to hang with all these strangers.  Come to think of it, so will we.

I don’t want to go.  I am having internal struggles nonstop over this.  In a typical, healthy relationship, I would go and make every effort to pretend I’m not in agonizing pain.  But this is no normal relationship.  Not by a long shot.


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