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Secret Mommyhood Confession

April 23, 2011

Sometimes I feel like I’m living a sham. I have everyone convinced that I know what I’m doing as a mom to these two adorable kids, when I feel inside like I haven’t a clue! LoL Maybe I’m really a single woman, that plays every day to her heart’s content; and by play, I don’t mean kid toys.

Guess it’s a good time for “fake it til you make it”!


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  1. April 24, 2011 7:24 pm

    Oh honey. We all really don’t know what we are doing but you know what? Our kids need love and you are giving that to them and some. Parenting is super hard. It really is. We all have bad days or weeks where we feel like our parenting is subpar…but we also need to acknowledge that parenting is hard and we are doing our best…even if we don’t feel like we are.
    Is this a total verbal diarrhea?
    Totally 😉
    Hugs momma. You’re giving your babes love and that? Is what matters.

  2. April 24, 2011 7:30 pm


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