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Trippin Out

May 24, 2011

I am trippin’ out lately.

I got myself in to see the dr yesterday morning. 

He prescribed Celexa.

I am going to slowly wean onto that while weaning off of Cymbalta (devil drug) at the same time.

I am supposed to start with half of a Celexa, but I accidently took a whole pill yesterday for my first dose.  Oops!  LoL

I have been an anxious, depressed wreck lately, though.

Following my hubs around the house like a pathetic puppy dog, not wanting to be forgotten or left alone.  Why?  What is so scary about being left alone?

I think I’m worried about trusting my own thoughts.  I think I’m worried about my parenting skills with this toddler human I’m in charge of.

I know that logically, it doesn’t make much sense.

But then, this fun rollercoaster (insert sarcasm here) isn’t about logic.  It’s about illogical, irrational, scary, powerful stuff.

And it sucks.

Between being so useless with my back injury to now being completely off my rocker emotionally, I think I’m lucky if hubs sticks this out with me.

I mean, looking forward at what’s to come is a bad idea, especially for the present moment.  It’s too depressing and overwhelming.  I mean, who wants to live a life like this?  I sure wouldn’t have signed up for this had I the option.  And who wants to live with someone like this?  *sigh*

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