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My Heart Hurts

June 1, 2011

My heart aches.

I can’t get out of this funk/fog/shit.

My dr prescribed a new med 2 Fridays ago.  It really should be working by now.  But I feel just as hopeless as before.

Let’s say its a good thing I don’t live near any bridges.  *sigh*

I want to cry and let it all out, but I’m too depressed to cry.

I want to run away.

But I feel like first, I would need to find a replacement for hubs and my kids.  It’d only be fair.  I can’t leave them stranded without a fill-in.

My insides are running nonstop.  Like a current running through me, leaving me anxious and unsettled.

If I never would’ve had kids, would I not be so f*cked up like this?  I can’t help but wonder.

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