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Like, duh.

September 9, 2012

My husband felt really terrible for saying what he said. He regrets it. A lot. So, we’ve made up. And just for the record, I’m not a pushover, whether I have ‘mental health illness’. He was put thru the ringer, rest assured.

Now, onto something else…

I am super anxious right now.

Everyone else in the house is sleeping & I’m catching up on my TiVo’d shows.

I’m internally freaking out.

I don’t trust my mind/body to get my 2 kids to school tomorrow. And I’m fuh-reaking out about it.

Like, duh.

Who does that?

Between my chronic pain and (possible) bipolar disorder, I just can’t trust that all will go well.

Then the mommy guilt will snowball and I’ll feel worse & worse.

It’s like, my whole life, I’ve wanted to be a mom. No doubt. And now I am one & can’t seem to be a good mom to them!

So frustrating.

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