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Back To Routine; Hello Anxiety

September 26, 2012

Dh has been off work & school for the past four months. At times, I’ll admit that we got a little tired of the lack of routine. But overall, it was great.

Now, in a matter of weeks, he’s teaching full time hours at a local high school (that he loves) and, as of today, becoming an assistant coach for their Varsity basketball team.

We’ve gone from seeing dh sooo much to seeing him soooo little.

He was home for 2 hrs today between the school day of teaching and basketball practice at night.

I’m trying to be the good wife; the woman I was before the mood issues & chronic pain hit. I’m trying to be supportive & act like I can handle everything w/out his help. {did I mention I can be quite stubborn sometimes?}

Inside, my anxiety is trying to take over. It’s trying to keep me up all night & hold me to the edge of tears. But I don’t wanna tell anyone. I mean, I don’t wanna have anything to tell.

Normal women handle life just fine. Some even have a smile on their face all. the. time. bitches

I don’t know how this new phase of life will pan out, but for now, I’m dedicated to holding on tight.

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