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I am a young mom, with two kiddos and a wonderful hubs.

After having our first child, I was unexpectedly slammed with PPD & PPA.  And I mean slammed hard.  And then kicked repeatedly while down.  That was back in 2003.

Since that time, I have come to learn a ton about postpartum mood disorders.  I have a passion for wanting to assist others in getting help immediately upon feeling like something isn’t right with them. 

I even started up a local mom’s group (originally an online group, that branched out to having get togethers and stuff) in 2005.  There were 3 of us that got it going and I have handled a whole section to postpartum moods since then.  It can be so invigorating to know you’ve made a difference in someone’s life. 

Since I got PPD & PPA that first time, I will have some rather bothersome mood changes now and then.  So some professionals feel that my PPD may have triggered Bipolar Disorder for me.  They’ve apparently seen it happen before. 

If I have bipolar disorder or generalized depression or nothing at all, I just want to be happy and healthy.  Which, at this moment, is involving medication and therapy.

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